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Using double staging, the top of our puppet theatre becomes a General Store. George, Charlie and Sam each contribute to the story tellin’ session each trying to out tell the other. The top scene fades and the story is acted out on the main stage below.

Daniel Boone - Pioneersman, Frontiersman, Explorer

Dan'l is eight years old (nearly nine) and wants to be a hunter. While left alone to tend the cows he meets "Little Arrow", a young Indian boy about the same age. They become fast friends.


Little Arrow shows Dan'l how to use a bow and arrow...with very humorous results!

Johnny Apple Seed - A true friend of early settlers

Johnny befriends a pioneer family threatened by Bully Bob to “go back to where they came from!” Johnny answers the challenge of a contest to settle the matter...  but not in a violent way. He bets Bully Bob he can carry his horse... and he wins!

Paul Bunyan - An original American myth

So many stories about Paul Bunyan and Babe, his pet ox, and they are all true! (who’s to say they’re not?) Paul’s early life is overlooked. We take Paul from a baby in a basket, through childhood until he grows into a giant! And that only took six months!


At stories end Giant Paul towers over our stage with some good advice about reading more of his stories with books available at your local library.

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