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School Assembly Programs

Presenting an introduction to theatre through the art of the puppet for elementary students from kindergarten through eighth grade.


The programs are written and produced to fit current curriculum offering a new production each year so we will not repeat a show for at least six years.


Two weeks prior to the performance date, each home room teacher and librarian will receive a Teachers Aid / Activity Guide containing pre-show information and suggested follow up material.


After the performance, time permitting, the puppeteers can present a back stage demonstration, explaining how the puppets "come to life" and the staging techniques used.  A question / answer session is always welcome.


Please contact us...

• For a copy of the study guide

• For information on other programs available

• Dates in your area

• Fees for a single performance with reduced rates for a second and third show

Click on the links below for more information about each presentation.

A collection of Native American Folklore and Legends written by Native Americans exploring tribal and family life before outside influences worked their way across this land.

An Introduction to Poetry Through the Art of the Puppet

A collection of stories about three of America’s Legendary Folk Heros

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