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For several years we have been invited to perform our productions for pre-school audiences. While our shows were not written or staged for this age level, many sponsors liked the idea of a "theatre" presentation of familiar stories. Understanding the attention span and subject matter for that age group, we produced familiar stories that were about 10 to 15 minutes in length and can present two or three stories with an introduction and follow up reviews with the audience and a "meet and greet the actors" afterward.

Theatre Time!

• Chicken Little

• Goldilocks? and the Three Bears

• Little Red Riding Hood

• Hansel and Gretel

• Three Little Pigs Construction Company

• The Tale of Two Bad Mice


"Baby Melvin!"

a life-size baby elephant


The Gooney Bird Marionette Parade

(audience participation)

The Stout Man

and The Fly

The Grasshopper and The Ants

The Lion & The Mouse

The Shepherd Boy

Who Cried Wolf

The Tortoise and the Hare

A good friend of The Melikin Puppets, Mr. Aesop brings to life some of his favorite fables. Each story ends in a moral that has survived and has held true for more than 2,500 years.


Choose from these classic fables, or contact the Melikin Puppets for other fables and ways to incorporate them into your program.

The City Mouse & The Country Mouse

The Tale of

Two Bad Mice

The Tale of

Peter Rabbit

The Tale of

Benjamin Bunny

Smiley is a friendly clown marionette who visits the audience and plays a game called

"Can you do this?"

For students too young to attend a performance, the Melikin Puppeteers, with friendly puppets "in hand", can bring the stars of the show right to the class room for a meet and greet.

The following programs are available in December for school time presentations or "Family Fun Nights".

As seen through the eyes of the family dog - Woofer

With a Santa Sing-a-long!

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